New Technology Update: Is Combination CNC Equipment Right for You?

Combination CNC equipment, such as FROG360™, refers to a single piece of equipment that can perform the full range of 3D CNC fabrication tasks (scanning, cutting, milling) usually divided between several different machines. Determining if such an equipment solution is the right fit for your business depends on a number of factors including budget, shop size, and production demands.

Recognizing Production Demands
Depending on your specific production needs you might find that a combination machine or a full system is a better fit. Three points to consider are production volumes, project speed, and custom fabrication needs. If you are planning to use your equipment for high volume production runs, or if your business is such that you need a very fast turnaround on concurrent multiple projects, a full system will provide the greater degree productivity, because components can all be running at the same time. That is to say, you can be 3D scanning a new project while prepping another project on the CNC hot wire cutter while finishing yet another project on the 3D CNC router. If however, you are more focused on producing specialty/custom work or in fabricating small production runs, a combo solution might be better suited, particularly if it is rare that you require more than one component to be active at the same time.

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