What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? Intelligent Shop Planning and Business Growth

Build Outsourcing Support: For businesses that already have an established market and can better predict their project flow, shop size can range anywhere between 15,000-45,000 ft2. The range is large because each business will have a unique set of needs based on their specialization and production style. Eventually, somewhere between 25,000 and 45,000 ft2 it becomes more economical to turn to outsourcing rather than to increase shop size. Therefore, developing a stable of reliable subcontractors is of critical importance as your business grows. In effect, these subcontractors will increase your shop size exponentially without raising your rent.

Mitigate Hard Costs: Where you are situated will also play a role in determining shop size. Rental and labor costs can vary tremendously and these hard costs will have an impact. Where costs are lower it is less of a risk to start in a large space with multiple employees. Therefore, consider the possibility of establishing a shop in a location that is more conducive to large-scale production.

Tap into Technology: While often overlooked, shop management can have a major impact on the efficient use of shop space. Having a streamlined and effective management system will maximize production flow within a shop and can make a small shop bigger and a big shop huge! Investing in software and training to facilitate backend processes is therefore a smart way to add ‘space’ to any shop.

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