Additive versus Subtractive Manufacturing

When it comes to the fabrication of 3D objects, 3D printing and 3D carving provide two different manufacturing methods. While 3D printing has recently been generating a lot of publicity, the fact remains that it is rarely the best, or most realistic, production process.

One of the major factors that makes 3D CNC milling a more appealing option is the dramatically lower production costs associated with it. When comparing the costs of equipment, materials, and time, subtractive manufacturing is still far ahead of additive processes such as 3D printing. Not only is the actual equipment more affordable, subtractive technologies such as 3D CNC routers and hot wire cutters use low cost materials like EPS foam and wood rather than expensive polymers. In addition, production solutions like the FROG3D platform are designed to maximize fabrication speeds, producing in minutes what 3D printing machines take hours or days to do.  Thus, subtractive manufacturing can produce the same 3D object as additive manufacturing at a fraction of the cost.

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