Additive versus Subtractive Manufacturing

Subtractive technologies win big at fabrication versatility when compared to additive methods. While 3D printing might excel in a handful of specific fabrication niches, 3D CNC fabrication technology can be applied to a staggeringly large list of industries and production processes. This makes 3D CNC equipment a better investment for any company wanting the capability to expand into new markets or products. The ability to handle multiple materials is also a key feature of subtractive manufacturing, in that you can take on projects in differing materials such as wood, foam, plastics, aluminum, and MDF all on the same equipment platform.  Therefore, dollar for dollar, 3D CNC fabrication systems like FROG3D provide a far higher ROI than 3D printing, because they provide for much greater versatility when it comes to projects, products, and materials at a lower cost.

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