Building Concrete Molds Using Foam: Part Two

3D CNC Foam Routers: The automated solution for these mold making processes comes with 3D CNC foam routers. The technology behind these machines allows for the production of high quality, extremely complex foam molds. Designs that might normally be considered possible only through meticulous hand carving are milled easily and quickly by these routers. Shops are finding that the automation of these processes results in significantly faster production times. What was a labor intensive step in the mold making sequence becomes a background process. What used to require the often costly talents of artists becomes attainable for shops without such staff. What used to be a prohibitive degree of detail due to cost is now a standard quality level that makes shops more competitive. Because 3D CNC foam routers can mill literally any organic shape, design or feature in either positive or negative, the creative possibilities for producing concrete molds are endless. Once carved, the foam is sprayed with a protective coating. These coatings can make the foam virtually indestructible and ready to be used for concrete and GRFC casting.


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